Xbox Series X Restock: Target finally Updated its Stock

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3 min readJun 9, 2021

With the Xbox Series X release, target updated its restock, and now we are guessing who is next.

On Thursday, Target updated its Xbox Series X in the early morning. The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles continue to fill the digital shelves. However, it was not as fast as PS5. This has not been clear which retailer is going to be next, but there is a good chance more will be coming from Microsoft’s store.

The reason behind why Xbox Series X is hard to find:

According to the reports, Microsoft cannot acquire the materials to manufacture enough Xbox consoles to meet the demands. The same goes for PC video cards and Sony PS5, as there is a chip shortage in that matter now. The pandemic has slowed down the production of a lot of chip manufacturers for a certain period. The issue is not expected to be resolved till the end of the year.

It turned the events into Microsoft, making many consoles possible, and assigned them to all the retail partners. All the retail partners launch their consoles in the appropriate way possible. This makes it possible to assume which day it will be available to place an order or to purchase, as the process is mostly meant to announce the circumstance of the events.

Retailers acquiring Xbox Series X stock:

Target: The retailer stocked its shelves on May 27, and consoles flew off the moment it was updated.

GameStop: This retailer stocked its shelves on May 26 and acquired multiple bundles that came along with the game, gift cards, and controllers.

Best Buy: Best Buy stocked its consoles, and they flew off like air.

Walmart: Well, this retail platform stocked consoles on May 20, which was quickly sold out.

Microsoft: Microsoft restocked on May 17 via the new Console Purchase Pilot program. However, you are only allowed to participate in being Xbox Insiders program.

How can you avoid Xbox Series X restock scams:

There are a lot of scammers out there waiting to take advantage of your eagerness for Xbox Series X. Follow these steps to avoid Xbox console scams:

Maintain your distance from Twitter links: Usually, scammers find an easy way to attract buyers by giving them fake links on Twitter about Xbox Series X restock. It is best to contact retailers first instead of visiting any unknown link and inviting scammers into your account.

Buy at a retail price: If someone is offering people an Xbox Series X for a certain price rate, then it is better to avoid that deal. These sites offering bundles and deals are probably not worth your money and time.

Console Purchase Pilot Programme: What is it?

With the help of Microsoft, users can participate in the Xbox Insider program in order to form a virtual queue. It will guarantee that the offer of a legit Xbox console reaches the users at the regular price. There is only one way to participate in this program, and that is by acquiring Xbox. It will allow you to join the Xbox Insiders program, which will invite you to sign up for the Console Purchase Pilot.

However, currently, the registration for the pilot is closed, but according to Microsoft, it will be reopened again for registration soon. While waiting to buy, it will be a good idea to join the Xbox Insiders.

How can one join the Xbox Insider Programme?

The internal program of Microsoft for providing fans with early access to the things that have been tested offers a lot of neat options. You can also get access to the program to buy new Xbox series. To join this program, you need to log in with your account to Xbox. Here are few things to do:

● You need to open the Xbox Store.

● Then search for Insider.

● Now select the Xbox Insider Bundle app.

● And lastly, you can join the moment you open the app.

There is nothing permanent in the Xbox Insider program. In case you want to back out from getting the notifications about when will the test features arrive, you are allowed to remove yourself from the Xbox Insider Programme at anytime you want. The ‘Settings’ page is known as the Insider Hub app on your Xbox, which will allow you to escape your Xbox from the program via the ‘Manage Devices’ section. The Insider program will stop the moment you remove your Xbox.

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