What is Netflix’s New Timer Feature?

Netflix has lately been trying to bring new features to improve the overall user experience. One of its recent updates was the shuffle feature which was for the users who struggled to pick a show or movie to watch. It picked a program for the user based on the viewing history. The shuffle feature was extremely useful considering the fact it helped in reducing the ambiguity that one has to deal with while selecting a series or a movie. But it seems that the company is not stopping at that feature only. Just recently Netflix announced that it is launching a global test on Android devices for a feature that lets users set a timer for the viewing period.

The new feature will come with four timer settings: 15minutes, 30minutes, 45 minutes or the end of whatever a user is watching. Once the selected time limit ends the app will automatically stop. The new changes will help users save battery. While the next episodes won’t continue to auto-play. Users can false asleep without having to worry about closing the app and they can continue watching where they left off.

As of now, the feature is being tested only for Android phones globally but in case it receives positive reviews, Netflix might decide to bring it to other devices including TV and desktops. Such a feature would be immensely useful for users watching shows or movies on TV or desktops as they won’t have to worry about closing the app once they are done watching.

To use the Timer feature, follow the following steps: –

a. Play a TV show or movie.

b. Click on the clock icon labeled Timer in the upper right corner.

c. Choose 15, 30, 45 mins. Or “Finish show” and you are good to go.

Although the feature is available for adult profiles only as of now, Netflix should seriously consider bringing this feature for kids too. Since it can help limit their screen time, it is the ideal feature for kids who spend too much time watching Netflix. Everything depends on how well the global Androids tests go. If users like them we might see Netflix bringing the feature for everyone including the kids.

Although it might not be that useful for users who watch Netflix on their phones, there is no doubt that it can be very useful for desktops and TVs. Users will have to just select a time and the app will automatically stop after that. Parents who want to control the screen time of their kids will now have a way of doing it with this feature. So overall the viewing timer feature sounds like a great idea.

Source :- https://activatebitcentral.com/what-is-netflixs-new-timer-feature/



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