Want to Disable Incognito Mode on Your Chromebook? Here’s How to Do So

Whenever you browse any website using any of the browsers on your device, your online activities get stored in the browser’s history section. Well, we all are well aware that our browsers track all of our online activities. And to prevent this, one can go incognito while browsing. Incognito Mode is a feature that you will find within all web browsers. And enabling and using it is also easy and simple. When you enable the incognito mode in any browser that you use on your device, it prevents saving your browsing history. And undoubtedly, this is a pretty great feature that you can use to enhance your online privacy. Now, as it is obvious that Chromebooks are computers that run Chrome OS, and they are mainly used for browsing tasks. These computers also enable you to activate the incognito mode.

Any Chromebook user can easily enable the incognito mode on their device. But what if you want to disable the following feature? Do you know how you can disable the incognito mode on your Chromebook computer? If you are a new Chromebook user, then you might not know how to do so. But there is no need to worry. Through the following post, we are going to show you how you can disable the incognito mode on your Chromebook device. You can get the method for this by going through this complete step-by-step guide.

Method to Disable Incognito Mode on a Chromebook

It is pretty easy to enable or disable the incognito mode on a Chromebook computer. And also, you can easily switch between an incognito window and a regular browsing window. But, if you prefer not to use the feature for any reason, you can disable it by going through your device’s settings. You can accomplish this task by following the method that we are going to provide you with. The method that you will follow includes some simple steps. And within no time, the incognito mode will be disabled on your Chromebook computer. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the technique now. Please take a look below.

Steps to Disable Incognito Mode on a Chromebook

To disable the incognito mode on your Chromebook computer, make sure that you follow all the below-mentioned steps:

So, this is the way to turn off the incognito mode on a Chromebook computer. Try the method if you also own this device. And please visit our website daily to get all the tech-related updates.

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