The Best Apps You Need to Download for Your New LG Smart TV

Are you thinking of buying a new LG Smart TV or already have brought it this summer? We are here to bring you some information so that you can make the most of your newly bought New LG Smart TV. We know you haven’t bought a new smart TV to watch the cable shows. You are here to enjoy the different apps so that you can watch anything you want anytime you want and not wait for the cable timings. But don’t go downloading anything; we are here to help you with that.

But before we get started, we want to share some information that LG’s smart TVs run on WebOS. This is not the same as the Android TV, and so you will not find the same lists of apps on different OS platforms. So, in this list, we are trying to give you some of the best apps that you can get for your new LG Smart TV.


Price: Free/ The Premium service varies

This is something we all want in our TV, laptop, and phone that is music. Blasting music on TV is something we all want. The app just blows up to fit the whole television screen as they do on the phone. The top-rated music streaming app in LG’s content store is Spotify. But Pandora is also available. Both the options pack a large enough library of songs to choose from. You can tap into Sirius XM as well to feel the power of the live radio.

Movies Anywhere

Price: Free

Movies Anywhere help you collect all the movies in one place that have been downloaded. There are too many services and apps to access everything, and it might get frustrating, and this is where the service comes in. You can access all of your downloads on your LG account smart TV in one place. Movies Anywhere are completely free, and you can enjoy the download in one place. And it will also discover new deals on content from other completely different services.

YouTube TV

Price: $64.99 per month

So, if you want an end to this cable world of yours, there are few apps in line which you might consider taking the reins from cable like YouTube Tv, Sling Tv, and Hulu Tv. YouTube Tv is the most expensive app on this list, but it compensates for that by providing over 85 channels, and you can also get few premium bundle options. But whichever you choose it should provide a complete entertainment package and also has some efficient way of not wasting any more money.

Disney Plus

Price: Free / Premium service varies

Disney Plus is something we all want in this world right now. With new shows and marvel movies releasing on the streaming service, Disney Plus is in demand. You can also download different apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Tv. You can’t still find HBO max there but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will be available soon.


Price: Free / $7.99 per month

Are you an anime lover of this app is for you? If you love you watching your anime on the big screen, this app is for you. Just $7.99 per month for a premium subscription, and it’s an easy way to get rid of those ads. There is also a feature where you can see the rating of each anime and see the reviews and choose accordingly.


You want to enjoy your New LG Smart TV and don’t want to depend on the boring old cable connection to watch something. We’re here with the best app suggestions. Hope you enjoy our top picks. Thank you for the read.

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