Security Gadgets That Can Easily Fit in Your Pocket

Security gadgets are becoming more important day by day. These gadgets are small and less expensive. If you care about your privacy and security, then you will love these security tools. You can use these tools to improve security in your life.

Two-Factor Authentication Key

Users can use an application for two-factor authentication. It provides you an extra layer of protection along with your password. A 2FA key is a USB key. You will have to keep a USB-C dongle to use on your smartphones. You can also plug it into your computer whenever you need it.

Some of these two-factor authentication keys also come with NFC support. As a result, you can tap on your smartphone, and it will utilize the NFC feature. You can place it on your keychain or in your pocket. That way, you can plug it into any device.

Crypto Storage

This security gadget is not for everyone. It is only for those who are into cryptocurrency. This gadget is an interesting way to make sure that you are keeping control over your cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency doesn’t have any bank system, and there might be theft at an exchange.

These cold storage devices are becoming more and more popular over time. This is a new piece of technology that you can start to use. It is a fascinating gadget. However, if you make any mistake, you could lose a lot of money.

Secure USB Key

This security gadget is not famous, but it has some specific uses as well. It is a hardware-encrypted USB flash drive. You will have to type in a number before plugging it into your computer or any other compatible device. You can use a USB to charge it, but it will not do any data transfer until you type in your password.

It has several security features. Users can set up a Self-Destruct pin. If you put a certain pin, it will self-destruct. It will also automatically wipe the data after ten wrong times. This gadget ensures that nobody will be able to get what is inside the device without you.

Nobody will be able to use a keylogger because you will have to enter the password physically. You can place your password backup, Banking info, Will, and other important documents

Virtual Credit Card

Virtual credit cards provide you the opportunity to create burner credit cards for anonymous shopping. You can shop via a different name and address rather than your actual name and address. Users can also create merchant credit cards. You can customize the credit value for a month in these cards.

If anyone hacks your credit card, then they will get a low value of the spending limit. It is easy to shut down virtual credit cards. You will not lose any privacy or personal information.

Data Blocker

It is a little USB, and it is meant to protect you from juice jacking. When you go to any public place, they have USB ports to charge your device. Our smartphone charges and transfers data using the same port. There are some places where you could get malware or any other threats. They can even download your files depending on your operating system.

The data blocker allows you to plug into any USB port and blocks the data transfer. The USB will only charge your device. These data blockers are cheap, and you can keep them in your pocket because of their compact size.

Webcam covers

You can get the cover for your smartphone and laptop. You can also get it for your webcam. These covers are specifically designed for your webcam. It ensures that nobody can see you. They cannot access your camera unless you want them to. You will have to take off the cover and flip open the camera to use that camera. It is an extra privacy measure to make sure that nobody can see you


These security gadgets are on another level. None of these devices are large nor expensive. Each gadget is for a unique purpose and reason to use it. You can also purchase each of them via various online sites.

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