Resolved: Canon Printer Error Code U075 & Its Causes

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The error code U075 will often occur when you are working on your Canon printer. Whether we talk about the Canon printers or any other printer, error codes are bound to occur. The mystery behind the error codes includes hardware and software issues causing trouble in your printer. But, the good news is you should not worry much, as you will get various ways to fix them instantly in which all you need is proper instructions.

Whenever the printer starts detecting an issue inside it, you will see an error code displaying on the LCD screen with a clear error message stating the issue. Even if there is some kind of issue occurring in the configuration settings, you will receive an error message on the LCD screen. However, with each error code, you will get to see through several methods to resolve the error code.

You can try resolving methods, but you need to find out the main causes behind the particular error code bothering your printer over and over again. By checking out the possible reasons, the process gets easier, and you can work to remove the culprit from your printer. In the cases of common error codes, you can work with instant solutions to resolve the error code. Also, we have brought effective methods with step-by-step clarification for you. Follow the instructions mentioned below accordingly.

Why is your printer displaying Canon Printer Error Code U075?

The error code U075 will display on your Canon printer when you are working on the printing jobs. Here, the error code indicates how your printer can read the cartridge but is detecting it on the wrong side. You must know that the black cartridges and the colored ones can be quite difficult to recognize, as they share a similar appearance. Also, you will find that the other two cartridge positions in the printer look similar as well. So, you need to install both cartridges in a suitable position, which is strictly suggested to perform appropriately. It is the only way your printer can recognize it properly without flashing the error code U075.

Also, you need to remember that it is not wise to install two black cartridges at the same time. Even if you only need to print documents in only a black and white version. Here, we have provided you all the necessary pointers on what must be done and what you should not do. With the help of these steps, you can prevent your printer from getting damaged. Now that we have gathered all the possible reasons behind the error code U075. We will need to step ahead to resolve the error code on your printer.

How to remove the Error Code U075 from your Canon printer?

To fix the error code in your printer, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. But, you need to find out first if the causes are relatable to your printer issue or not. The error code might seem difficult to resolve for the first time, but you will be able to handle it without getting confused. Now you must remember to make sure that each black and colored cartridge is available and is placed in the right position in their slots. Now follow the steps ahead to terminate the error code.

Step 1: Open Your Printer

  • Here, you have to open the cover of your printer and leave it for approx 30 seconds, as it will provide time for the cradle to rotate by itself. And will allow the cartridge replacement position by itself.
  • After the cartridges have successfully reached the replacement position, you need to remove both of the cartridges from the printer gently.

Step 2: Check the labels of the printer

In this step, you should check the labels of the printer to verify that one of the cartridges is colored and the other one is black colored.

Step 3: Find the Printer

In this step, you have to find the printer slot for the colored ones along with the black cartridge. You can find out both of the cartridges with the help of indicators designed on the printer or with the help of a cartridge cradle.

Step 4: Reinstall the Cartridges

In the last step, you need to reinstall both of the cartridges gently into their correct slot and make sure if it is placed and clicked in the right position.

Now you will see that the error code U075 has disappeared from your printer and will allow you to continue your printing jobs. If still, the error code is displaying in your printer, you should contact Canon technical support help.

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