How to Move a User to a Different Windows 10 Device

  • First of all, download and install this utility on both your new and old computers from its official web source.
  • Once you have downloaded this utility on your new computer, make sure to create a new profile on your old computer with administrator privileges.
  • Now login to the old computer with the newly created profile.
  • Install this tool on your old computer.
  • Open the utility once it is installed.
  • Please select the ‘I want to transfer data to another computer’ option as the software appears.
  • Go to next.
  • Select the profile that you wish to send to another computer.
  • Click the next button on the bottom.
  • Now connect an external storage device to the old computer.
  • Select it as the path to save your profile.
  • Provide a password if you wish to protect your database.
  • Click the ok button to continue.
  • The software will construct a ZIP file on your external USB drive. Now connect this external drive to your new computer and then run the installed Transwiz utility.
  • Click on the restore data option.
  • Browse the backup file stored in the external drive.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, and the tool will automatically decode the backup file to your new computer. It will set up your user profile on the new computer.



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