How to Fix Discord Overlay Flickering?

Some users might experience Discord overlay flickering on their computer screen, which could be very frustrating. This problem can occur due to certain reasons such as applications’ interference, wrong settings and configurations, and others.

If Discord overlay flickers on your computer as well, then you might be searching for a solution to fix it. You have come to the right place if you wish to fix the flickering issue on Discord.

Discord is an online chatting tool to communicate with people meanwhile using other apps. It has an overlay function that lets you chat with people even while playing games or using other applications. It is a perfect collaboration tool for gamers and office professionals.

If you haven’t tested this software yet, you must do it now since it is one of the most popular social chatting tools.

While using this app, if you notice the flickering issue, you must follow the instructions given in this article.

Let’s solve the flickering problem on Discord overlay.

Troubleshooting Flickering on Discord

1. Manipulate Paint.NET Preferences

Please refer to the given below instructions to fix the issue:

1. First and foremost, navigate to

2. Navigate to its settings and then locate the option that says hardware-accelerated rendering (GPU).

3. Once you have located this option, simply ensure that you have disabled it.

Now restart the Discord service and see if you are still getting the same error. You may have successfully fixed the flickering Discord by disabling the hardware accelerator rendering of If this solution doesn’t work for you, do not get anxious and follow the next step.

2. Activate GPU for Discord

If the above method didn’t work for you, then you can follow the below steps to fix the problem:

1. First of all, you have to open Discord on your computer.

2. Navigate to its user settings.

3. Find and select the appearance option in the app settings tab.

4. Go to the advanced tab.

5. Make sure you have activated the hardware acceleration.

6. Please restart your Discord application and see if you have successfully troubleshot the error or not.

3. Make Sure Discord and OSU Use the Same GPU

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the flickering issue on Discord:

1. Please navigate to the settings of your computer by pressing the Windows + I keys on your keyboard.

2. Once you land on the settings of the computer, visit the Display tile to launch the display settings on the computer.

3. Find and select the graphics settings.

4. From the dropdown, please select the Classic app option.

5. Click on Browse.

6. Select the application that appears and click the Options button.

7. Set the preference to high performance.

8. Save the settings and restart your computer.

9. Check if you have successfully resolved the problem.

4. Fix System Files

It could be possible that the system files that Discord uses are not available on your computer. Sometimes a system file is essential for some particular application that could get corrupt or outdated. As a result, you won’t be able to access the application. We highly recommend you fixing your system files so that you can use the application without any error. Below given instructions could help you fix the broken files on your computer:

1. Navigate to the Start menu on your computer by pressing the start button on your keyboard.

2. Search for command prompt.

3. Right-click on the command prompt black icon.

4. There will be an option that reads ‘run as administrator.’

5. You have to click that button and wait for the application to appear.

6. When the consent prompt appears, click yes to continue with the admin command prompt.

7. Now please type ‘sfc /scannow’ and make sure you have correctly entered this command.

8. Please gently press the enter button on your keyboard to initiate the process.

The Command Prompt will detect any broken files and fix them automatically. After the scan, you should restart your computer and reaccess the Discord application. This should fix the problem.

5. Removing and Reinstalling Discord

Please go through the given below tips to hard reset Discord on your computer:

1. Navigate to the control panel. To do so, simply search for the control panel in the start menu and then open it.

2. Click on program and features when the control panel appears.

3. Make sure to select the uninstall a program link.

4. Select Discord from the given applications and then continue with the instructions on the screen.

5. Restart your computer.

6. Open a web browser and then download the latest Discord application.

7. Install it using the file that you just downloaded, and then check if you are able to use it without any technical problem.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope it worked well. Many users have found the tips we mentioned in this article helpful and working. If you cannot fix the issue, please scan your computer with good quality antivirus software on your computer. This will automatically troubleshoot the problem, and you will be able to use the PC without any errors.

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Sofie John

I am a content creator. I write blogs related to different news, updates, upcoming events, etc. I help my readers to keep updated with all recent happenings