Google Pixel 5A Price Leaked, Powerful Smartphone Coming Soon

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Just a few days ago, Google revealed the first official information regarding the Pixel 6, and it seems that the firm is preparing to unveil the Pixel 5a as well. Previous leaks indicated that the phone will be a redesigned Pixel 4a 5G, and a fresh report has thrown some additional light on the potential specifications of the device.

According to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, the gadget will allegedly feature the same camera as its predecessor, Pixel 5, as well as a headphone connection and IP67 certification. According to the rumor, the Pixel 5a will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G 5G processor and would feature 6GB of RAM. According to Prosser, the device would have a 4650mAh battery but will not enable wireless charging. The phone is anticipated to feature a 6.4-inch display and just one color choice, mostly Black.

It’s possible that you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the Google Pixel 5a if all of this has piqued your curiosity. The gadget, according to the rumor, will be available for purchase on August 26th for $450.

In April, Google confirmed that it was still working on a Pixel 5a with 5G, despite reports to the contrary at the time. It said that the gadget would only be available in the United States and Japan and that it would be “announced in conjunction with the introduction of the a-series phone last year.” It announced the Pixel 4a in September 2020. Thus an announcement and release date in August 2020 is almost exactly in line. It’s unclear if Google intends to produce a Pixel 5a that isn’t equipped with 5G technology.

The Pixel 5a is anticipated to include relatively similar cameras as the Pixel 5, as well as IP67 certification for dirt and water resistance, as well as a separate 3.5mm audio connector, which is a first for the Pixel series. When it comes to the Pixel 5a’s design, recent renders indicate that Google is going to stick with a quite minimalist look, with the device sporting just a simple matte black body, a rear fingerprint sensor, and a punch-hole selfie camera in the upper left corner is essentially the same as the last year’s Pixel 4a 5G.

In addition, while Google has not yet revealed pricing for the Pixel 6, it is clear that the company is positioning the Pixel 6 as a high-end premium device, given the device’s new design, custom-built SoC, fingerprint reader built into the screen, and better cameras. The Pixel 6 will be available in late October or early November. When the Pixel 6 is released, and its price tag is about $800 or more, the Pixel 5a may become an even more significant option for those seeking an inexpensive mid-range smartphone.

Despite the fact that Prosser’s track record of leaks has been rather patchy this year (particularly when it comes to his Apple leaks), he claims that owing to the nature of his source, he is “certain” that the specifications listed above will be the same as what we see on the final product. In any case, with Prosser stating that the Pixel 5a would be released on August 26, we should get a lot more information before the end of the month.

So, if you are planning for this device, then it’s time to set your mind for purchase as the details are here and you’ll just have to wait for the official confirmation from Google which will assure the details from the company’s end.

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