Airpods Max: Description and Features


It weighs around 395 grams but the headband and earcups do not let you feel it. Airpods Max has a stainless-steel build quality. It is wrapped in nice and soft material. You will get a knit mesh canopy on top. It does a good job keeping all the weight.


You will get only two buttons in Airpods Max. It contains buttons on a much larger version of the apple watch. You will also get a button to switch between noise canceling and transparency modes. You will not get false inputs or even missed swipes.

Where Is The Power Button?

Airpods Max does not have any power button. They turn on when you put them on your head. If you want to turn them off, just take them off. It will go into sleep mode. When you put them into the case, they go into an ultra-low power state. You will not lose any remarkable batteries if you leave them outside.

Sound Quality

Airpods Max has a greater sense of space even on the android. There is a lot of bass in these headsets. The bass is the reason it is so popular in the market. Behind the cushions, you will get 40 mm drivers. Apple has struck a great mix between the highs, mids, and lows. Apple uses computational audio with H1 chips in each ear cup.

Battery Life

Battery life for Airpads Max is about 20 hours. The 5 minutes of charging time will provide you half an hour of listening to music. It supports lightning charging and it is a charge via lightning connector. The connector can be also used for line-in audio.


  • Comfortable Design.
  • Better battery life.
  • Superb Audio Quality.
  • Multiple Color Options.


  • No Power Button.
  • No Audio Jack.
  • A little bit more pricy.


The new Apple Airpods Max is one of the best headsets in the industry. You will get tons of features. For example Comfortable Design, Longer battery life, Audio quality, and various colors. If you want to enjoy the great surround sound, you should definitely try them.



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