The latest Fitbit tracker from Google could feature a circular, colored display. Fitbit’s next activity tracker could be the Fitbit Charge 5. According to recent rumors, the nextgeneration fitness band is about to make its appearance soon.

According to renders provided to Twitter on Saturday by leaker Evan Blass, the Fitbit Charge 5 may include a redesigned rounded shape and color display. The Fitbit Charge 5’s new design, if it includes a curved screen, then might be comparable to the Fitbit Luxe, which was unveiled in April. …

you will get a start-to-end buyers guide, so you can make your own decision. You will have to decide a few of these things before buying a new laptop. You can search for those specifications in the laptop market. Visit several websites to get any possible deals and offers.

First of all, you will have to decide how much performance you actually need from your laptop. After that, you will have to plan your budget. These two factors will determine what type of laptop you should look for. …

When you try to install a corded or wireless printer for the first time, or you were attempting to share it on a local network, you will get this annoying “Windows cannot locate a suitable print driver” error. If you are still struggling to solve this frustrating problem, here are some potential solutions to repair it.

Install the Newest Printer Driver

To install the newest printer driver, follow these on-screen points mentioned below:

  1. To open the Run accessory, use the Win and R keys altogether over the keyboard.
  2. After that, input “control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” …

A smartwatch is a device that supports third-party apps. They are designed for communication. They can go beyond the notifications and allows you to return a call, message, or email. On top of the basic functions, premium smartwatches have GPS. Some smartwatches also have Near Field Communication. It allows you to pay for things without pulling out your wallet.

Smartwatches look more sophisticated than fitness trackers as well. Here are a few key things when you are considering buying a smartwatch.


Always choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. Most smartwatches require to be paired with a smartphone…

Even in darkness, a familiar voice can make all the difference. Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a NetFlix original anime series. It will release on July 8, 2021. It is an upcoming CGI anime series based on Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Zombies are going to be back, but we will get more zombies here. It looks like to be on the outside of the white house. There are many important characters in Resident Evil, but Leon and Claire are the most famous characters. Leon was also in Resident Evil 2. He was a cop, and that was his first day on duty…

Security gadgets are becoming more important day by day. These gadgets are small and less expensive. If you care about your privacy and security, then you will love these security tools. You can use these tools to improve security in your life.

Two-Factor Authentication Key

Users can use an application for two-factor authentication. It provides you an extra layer of protection along with your password. A 2FA key is a USB key. You will have to keep a USB-C dongle to use on your smartphones. You can also plug it into your computer whenever you need it.

Some of these two-factor authentication keys…

The error code “ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC” BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) usually happens when the system turns off during the initialization procedure for Windows. The issue is generally caused by a delayed process call (DPC) routine that tried to run an illegal operation. The DPC gets triggered when the kernel notices a hung condition and calls to cancel or interfere with a software application. It means that a yield, attach method, or wait operation was performed from DPC. …

Apple Airpods Pro are excellent wireless earbuds, but they are not cheaper. It opens the gate for Amazon Echo Buds 2. These are also great earbuds. We are going to find out whether you should spend more or less.

Echo Buds comes with a charging case, Ear tips, Wingtips, USB-C cable, and Earbuds. Airpods Pro comes with silicone ear tips, a charging Case, a lightning charging cable, and earbuds.


Both AirPods Pro and Amazon Echo Buds 2 have a rounded in-ear bud design, but AirPods Pro has a different form factor. Echo buds 2 come in different sizes, so they…

Samsung A series smartphones have always been about mid-range or entry-level smartphones. Now they have launched another smartphone in the A-series named A42. This smartphone is also one of the cheapest 5G smartphones in the market right now.

Design & Build

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G has four different shaded bars on the back panel. The bars have a unique prism dot look. The smartphone comes in three colors, and you can choose between White, Gray, and Black. It weighs around only 190 grams.

The back panel curves to the frame on the side. Keys are mounted on the sides. You will also get…

Facebook’s Giphy recently pushed out the ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance artists associated with animation and graphic designing. This in-app feature will enable the users to add the hire me option in their profile to let the recruiters know that they are available for hire. Various companies and brands will now be able to hire freelance artists and offer them work. This feature is indeed a great initiate by the Giphy app. It will provide unlimited opportunities to those freelancers who otherwise found it harder to adjust to office work. …

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